Byetsa, innovating every day since 1969.

Discover sliwils! The versatility that allows us to make sliwils is unimaginable. It is a cord that starts from a ready-made fabric, which means that almost any fabric can be the basis for your sliwils.

This opens up a whole world of possibilities to create shoelaces, cords for clothes, for sportswear, accessories, etc. That is, we can turn a simple shoelace into a whole universe of colour and fashion.

Exploit your creativity with sliwils!

Byetsa , an industry founded in 1969 and specialised in the manufacture of bias tapes in all its variants and modalities, is the responsible for the creation of Sliwils.

Byetsa is a dynamic company, which has adapted to the different market trends, through progressive mechanization and automation of its production processes. Thanks to its evolutionary capacity and a complete computerization of its different sections, Byetsa has achieved an optimum production capacity that has allowed it to offer an agile and professional service to all its customers.

As a leading company in the world of bias, Byetsa is constantly developing new products and applications in order to meet the needs of its customers, as well as the demands generated by the market.

In 2019,  Byetsa, with all its strength and experience, launches  “sliwils”, a new product that is the result of the company's constant research and development, to offer the market fresh air and creativity in a sector in which, doubtlessly, will be a real revolution.