Be unique, be different, be special...
Utilise your creativity with sliwils!

sliwils is “one of a kind”, since there are other similar products on the market, but not with the same quality as sliwils

And you may wonder: why is this a unique shoelace?

The answer is obvious, sliwils was born to fulfil a function that goes beyond tying shoes. The philosophy behind it is to give colour, to personalise, to adapt to fashion trends, to be different, to have fun, to exchange and apply infinite ideas we may have to be unique.

The versatility that making sliwils offers to us is unimaginable. It is a cord that starts from a manufactured fabric, which means that almost any fabric can become the basis for your sliwils. This opens a whole world of possibilities to create shoelaces, laces for clothes, sportswear, accessories, etc. We can turn a simple shoelace into a whole universe of colour and fashion.


It is a tubular article of bias fabric, a product that the company knows and manufactures perfectly, filled with twisted fibers y and finished with a metal terminal to close the tips. In this way, we obtain an incredibly resistant cord and, in turn, thanks to being fundamentally made from fabric, allows you to play with an incredible range of prints.

We are talking about that, unlike its competition, which produces cords by stamping or dyeing directly on the already braided cord, sliwils is a cord made from bias fabric, which gives it strength and elasticity properties, as well as a diversity of prints, colors and customization possibilities, almost endless.

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